Wirecard “Deceived” Auditors About Missing $2 Billion, According to EY

Key Takeaways Wirecard is missing $2 billion from its balance sheet. The company is responsible for issuing notable crypto payment cards from Crypto.com, TenX, and Wirex. Customers of those cards will not be directly affected. https://godex.io/sitemap-pair-chunk54.xml Share this article Wirecard, a popular payment processor and debit card issuer for crypto cards, is unable to locate 1.9 billion […]

Compound’s New Custodial Wallet Could Spark Institutional Interest in DeFi

Key Takeaways https://godex.io/sitemap-pair-chunk34.xml The most used DeFi lending platform, Compound, has integrated Curv—a digital asset custodian focused on institutions. For now, only deposits are available, but Curv has plans to enable borrowing later. Though the Compound-led decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is rapidly growing, it’s still very small compared to the traditional multi-trillion financial services industry. This may […]

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